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Until around one year ago, I was happily oblivious to animal testing. My makeup bag was full of MAC, Estee Lauder, Benefit ; it was all amazing makeup but in turn I was contributing to an industry who doesn’t care about animals lives. So after deciding I wanted to rid my collection of brands that test on animals, I began a journey of educating myself on cruelty free brands.

I started off by researching which brands were already cruelty free and put them aside, the rest I put stickers on. Whenever a ran out of a product with a sticker on, I would replace it with a cruelty free alternative. At first all the brands I was finding were expensive, but after a while I found cheaper alternatives too. Here are my top 5 products that I found.


1.Lush Skin Tint – Feeling Younger £12

IMG_6858After working at Lush as a christmas temp, my love for the company is crazy. Not only are all the products cruelty free with a large number also vegan, the company is extremely ethical with it’s charity pots, minimal packaging and fairly sourced ingredients. Feeling Younger is a Skin tint, which essentially as just multi purpose creams. I use this tint as a highlighter, due to it’s light-reflecting properties. I use this over bare skin or foundation and pat it in with my fingers or a beauty blender. Another great way to use it is to mix it in with a moisturizer to add an all over glow.

2. Nars Sheer Glow Foundation £32


Nars is one of those brands which although fairly expensive, I’m never disappointed with. As someone with combination skin, I’ve always found it difficult to reach the balance of a foundation thats dewy enough to give me a youthful glow but also matte enough to control my T-zone. Sheer glow is the perfect medium coverage foundation to create a dewy look all year long. With 19 shades and different tones, it’s easy to get the perfect shade and tone. I use a mix of Gobi and Fiji depending on how dark my false tan is.


3. Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette – The Dolce Vita £39

IMG_6855If you sick of lugging a full eyeshadow palette
around with you, I can sympathize. But after finding this gem in Selfridges I tend to reach for this most days. With this little quad you can create 3 elegant looks for any occasion. For a simple day look I use the lightest shade all over the lid, then enhance the outer corner with the top right shade using a fluffy blending brush. For more of an evening look I intensify the outer corner and socket with the dark brown and bring it under the bottom lash line. Lastly for more of a party look I add the shimmery gold shade on the centre of the lid using finger.

4. Eyeko Eye Do Mascara £19



Mascaras have always been a tricky one for me. For a long time I just couldn’t find nice cruelty free ones – well I couldn’t find the any to replace my trusty L’Oreal two ended mascara. But after seeing this in the sale on ASOS I’ve never looked back. It gives the 60s wide eyed lashes every girl craves while actually nourishing the lashes with Shea butter and botanical proteins to promote lash growth.



5. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream – Athens £5

IMG_6862Over the past 2 years I feel like we’ve been bombarded with liquid lip sticks to the point
where I feel guilty for hating them. That gross feeling when you can see your lip color cracking and flaking off. Ew. I’ve always preferred a more natural look, instead of super over drawn overly matte lips. The NYX lip cream is much softer on the lip and whilst still appearing matte, it actually looks natural. My favorite shade is Athens – the your lips but better shade. It’s a versatile shade for fair and tanned girls, suiting me with or without false tan. The nice thing about it is the cream fades of the lip, rather than leaving an uneven line around the lip.

No products mentioned are tested on animals, however the Eyeko mascara does contain Beeswax. 

5 thoughts on “My top five makeup items | Cruelty free beauty

  1. Great post! I love the Nars sheer glow foundation and their radiant creamy concealer they are the perfect consistency not too caked but offering a bit of coverage for those bad skin days! Well done you for trying to go cruelty free, I also made the same commitment to myself at the start of this year and so far I haven’t purchased anything (that I know of) that has been tested on animals!


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