A lazy girl’s guide to going braless

Boobs have always been a sensitive subject for me. When I was younger – they were too big for me, when I got older and leaned out – they were too small for me. Somehow along my youth, I’ve developed a strange relationship with them, seeing them as the sole basis for my femininity. Whilst being bombarded with sexy lingerie ads of girls with the perfect breasts, it’s easy to form an unrealistic expectation of what yours should be like.

Sexualizing womens breasts seems harmless, after all we are told they make us look attractive. Harmless until we’re persecuted for having them. Okay, ‘persecuted’ may be a stretch but we are constantly told to cover them up, hiding our nipples with the fear of someone pointing out even the slightest sign of a them. I guess I always just accepted that my boobs should be covered up because I didn’t wan’t want to appear ‘slutty’.

I’m not saying boobs aren’t sexy, far from it actually. My appreciation for boobs has only grown since I stopped being ashamed for having them. My frustration is with the idea that I have to wear bras and cover up a natural part of my body to please others. If your feeling just as frustrated as I was, then just stop caring. Stop caring about other people’s dumb opinions of your body and ditch the damn bra. It is sometimes easier said than done, so I have compiled a few tips to help you out a little.

  • Try out bralets – Bralets are so much comfier than bras and do add some support if you have larger boobs. As well as being practical, they look so much prettier than normal bras. They are also perfect for people who lose/gain weight regularly because unlike regular bras, they don’t fit a specified cup. I usually buy mine from Urban Outfitters, Free People or Asos.


  • Wear tighter tops –  If your not completely happy with your shape of breast (like me) wearing tighter tops or stretchy tops can give the illusion of more even boobs. Just wearing a simple stretchy camisole underwear your shirt not only makes your boob look better, but can look sexy if your wearing the right camisole. For basic camisoles/tops I usually buy from Free People, but for lacy or silk camisoles I like Marks & Spencers or Y.A.S.
Free People Skinny Strap Brami in White
  • Nipple covers – If you want to get rid of your bra but still don’t want people to stare at your nipples, maybe start out with wearing nipple covers. Not only do they cover up your nipple, but when applied well they can give your boobs a boost and make them look perkier. I usually wear nipple covers when I’m wearing a strappy dress or shirt. The cheapest place I’ve found for disposable nipple covers is Asos but you can find some silicone covers from most lingerie shops that can be reused.


  • Lose all underwear and buy a body –  If you have reached the point of laziness, like me, when trying to find a matching underwear set seems impossible, then buy a body … or five. Bodies are perfect under pretty much any outfit or just worn as a top. They look so effortless whilst taking away any annoying VPL. My favorite brands for bodies are Y.A.S, & Other Stories and Urban Outfitters.
Y.A.S Tall Dotty Body
  • Accept other people’s ignorance – I can give you all the tips on how to make you feel less conscious of your nipples being on show, but there comes a point where you have to accept that you can’t control how other people think regarding your body. People are ignorant and make judgments everyday about other people’s bodies. You just have to accept that people are going to stare at you and make their own judgments, like you inevitably make judgments on other people you come across. As long as you accept your body and are confident then after a while you will learn to ignore stares or comments made by ignorant people.

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