My skincare routine | Cruelty free beauty


Violette Grey said ” In a polite society, a well maintained skincare routine is one of life’s greatest successes”. This holds so much truth. Often we get so caught up in daily commitments that taking time out for skincare becomes an inconsistent luxury. But to achieve that effortless and youthful look, you need to see skincare as essential part of your day, just like brushing your teeth.


As a young girl, my mother repeated 3 words to me relentlessly. Cleanse. Tone. Moisturize. It was only when when I turned 14 and began getting the odd blemish, that I started to listen to her. I ran to boots and bought a clean & clear set for dry skin. I didn’t even have dry skin but I’m still grateful to my younger self for trying. Since then I’ve change my routine up countless times and only recently found the routine which is perfect for my skin and is also cruelty free.

In the morning ,after laying in bed for what seems like hours, trying to keep my eyes open for long enough to look at my phone and wake myself up, I head for the bathroom. After relaxing in the bath for a while I put a robe on and begin my skincare routine.


To start off, using one pump of the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish cleanser I rub the product into my skin in circular motions focusing on my nose, chin and forehead where I get the most spots. Then I wet the cloth (which is included) with hot water and lightly squeeze it to get some of water out. I go around my face using the cloth to rub off the cleanser. The amazing thing about this cleanser is that it gently exfoliates my face as well as cleaning it, to give silky smooth texture.


Then I move on to toning my skin – an essential part of anyones routine if they want to keep their skin tight and youthful. I pour a small amount of the Liz Earle Instant Boost Tonic onto a cotton pad and apply it in circular motions all over my face. Unlike other toners, this doesn’t leave my skin feel dry or overly tight due to the revitalizing aloe vera.


Finally I take a small dot of the Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré and massage it into skin, even on areas which have a tendency to get oily. One of the reasons people get very oily faces is because the skin lacks moisture and so over compensates with depositing too much oil. This moisturizer is extremely nourishing and sinks in beautifully. I use this instead of a primer most days, as it creates a smooth base for foundation.


My evening routine is exactly the same apart from the addition of Lavender oil. I pour a tiny amount onto my finger and dab it onto any spots or irritated areas of my skin. Lavender oil works to repair skin and sooth irrigations so is perfect for blemishes. I originally found this when searching for products to help minimize the appearance of my scars, and it has worked wonders !


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