Suede jackets, silk dresses & minimalistic necklaces | Barcelona shopping guide

When I booked my trip to Barcelona Gothic Quarter, I honestly wasn’t expecting to shop. I took only the necessary euros and packed my bag nearly full. You can imagine my predicament when I came across such effortlessly beautiful boutiques around every corner. So my debit card came out and clothes got crammed into my suitcase.


Capsule has very upmarket feel, stocking mainly leather goods and gold jewelry. Unlike most chain stores, they have a very strict style and doesn’t sway to far from it. Most of the clothing designs are classic yet sexy, using materials such as silk and leather to form timeless pieces My favorite part of the store was the jewelry section – which is predictable for me. Down the centre and the back of the store lies minimalist style necklaces, rings and bracelets displayed in glass cabinets. Most of the jewelry is gold, which is nice change from the UK where silver is the preferred metal.


Banys Vells 6 Tri, 08003 Barcelona, Spain

Blended Concept Store

The Blended Concept Store combines a workshop and a main store in one. You can just see the workshop in the back, which only adds to authenticity of the shop. The clothing in the store is what drew me in, with mostly neutral colours and the odd out there vintage item. Many of their clothing is made from sustainable materials, an area in which I’m growing increasingly interested in. As well as clothing they also stock vintage sunglasses, jewelry and bags. Blended Concept is co-owned with the Jewelry designer Sauling Wong, so a main part of the store is used to display here breath taking designs


Calle Sombrerers 15 Barcelona


Within The Blended Concept store, Essyello jewelry is sold. Everything about the jewelry brand entices me – the gold, the minimalist look, the use of crystals and stones … I could have bought it all. All of the stones used in the jewelry are hand picked, and the pieces are gold plated by a small family business. When possible I really try to support independent companies like this who source their materials well.


Calle Sombrerers 15 Barcelona

Friday’s Project

Friday’s Project has to be my favorite find in Barcelona. I adore that feeling of going into a shop and wanting to buy every single item, although I resisted and left with just a suede jacket and candle. The atmosphere of the shop is very laid back, with relaxed music and plants dotted around the store. Each rail was full of simple silk designs, linen and light weight wool pieces. Whether your looking for good quality basics or statements pieces, Friday’s Project really accommodates. I will defiantly be buying online from them in the future !


La Rambla, 68, 08002 Barcelona, Spain

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