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Only a month ago I was a dedicated false tanner, maintaining it twice a week so I never looked pale. Due to always having tan on, I always felt the need to wear a full face of makeup so my face shade matched my body. Like most things, it became the norm for me which led to me being scared of going out without makeup because I didn’t want people to see without makeup and think less of me.

A few weeks ago I decided to ditch the false tan and embrace my fair skin. Well that was one reason, the other was I was sick of having orange sheets and patchy tanned skin ! I’ve found that I actually feel much less obligated to wear full coverage makeup now my skin shade is natural, maybe it’s just because I can see my freckles more and want to show them off … or I’m just enjoying being lazy and wearing minimal makeup. Who knows.


This is my no-makeup look, the makeup I wear when I don’t feel like putting foundation on but still want to look a bit more awake and healthy.

To start off I prep my skin. I start with using the moisturizer from my  skincare routine, the Embryolisse Laid-Creme Concentre is really moisturizing base for makeup and prevents any dry patches. Then I use the Bare Mineral Prep Step to provide SPF 50. I never used to use sun creme but lately I’ve been reading up about it and I’m not a little obsessed.


Next I tackle my undereyes and any blemishes with Nars Creamy Concealer in Vanilla, using just my finger I pat the products into my skin so it seamlessly blends in.


To set the concealer and any shine on my T zone, I use the NYX translucent powder with a bare minerals brush.


My skin is very fair so I like to add a bit of contour/bronzer to it with my Nars Sculpting Multiple Duo in Hot sand/Laguna. Using the contour side I swipe the product under my cheek bones and on my temples and forehead, then blend in with my fingers. Then with the highlighting side I place the product on my cheekbones and under my brows, and blend again with my fingers. This cream duo is so natural looking and blends perfectly. I bought it whilst in Paris a few days ago and am in love !


For brows I use the Anastasia Brow Pomade in Medium Brown. I don’t really have a technique for this, I just use a angled brow brush and lightly fill the brows in building it up until they are defined enough.


Then to finish off I use the Eyeko Eyedo Mascara to waken up my eyes a little.


Sometime I add a tinted moisturizer to even out my skin, especially when I break out. My favorite is Nars Tinted Moisturizer in Terre Neuve.



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