What I do to my hair | Cruelty free beauty

My hair has always been one of my least favorite parts of me. Through years of at home dying my hair, it’s been through a lot of damage all thanks to me. Around a year I decided to bleach my whole head and ended up leaving it on for way too long. My hair was like chewing gum, breaking off every time I even so much as brushed it. I ended up getting it all cut off to my ears and left the dying to my hair dresser.

Lets start with what I do to get my hair this color. Every 2-3 months I go the hairdressers to get a full head of highlights. At the start of repairing my hair I left it for longer and only got half a head but now it’s back on track I usually get a full head. As far tone goes, I really switch it up. Usually I get an ashy tone but the last time I went, we switched it up for more of a honey tone. I also get a trim each time I go … well I’m forced to.


I wash my hair twice a week with Lush Daddy O shampoo and Lush Retread conditioner. If your wanting to get healthier hair, look for products without silicone or sulphates. Products with them will make your hair look shiny but over time damage the hair strands. I don’t use much conditioner, only a little on the ends. When washing the condioner out, I always use cold water. Even though it’s kind of like torture at first, you get used to it and your hair thanks you in the long run.


After washing it, I wrap it up in a towel and leave it for 10 minutes. When I let it down, it put some lavender oil through the ends to help add moisture. If I’m on holiday I usually don’t take conditioner with me, I just use lavender oil instead. Most of the time I wash my hair at night, so I let it dry naturally before I go to sleep, but on days where I wash it in the morning I let it dry as much as I can naturally then finish it with a hairdryer.



I try to stay away from using too much heat but I really hate how hair naturally sits so I allow myself to curl my hair twice a week. On first day hair I split my hair into two sections a curl a few pieces in each section, using my straighteners. For some reason, my hair always wants to stay really neat so I like to spray a bit of Lush Sea Salt Spray through the ends. On days were my hairs looking greasy or just not sitting right, I pretty much live in sleek buns with a middle part. It’s just such an easy hairstyle and can make an outfit look a lot more sophisticated.


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