Cruelty free skincare on a budget

If you’re struggling to find skincare that is both good quality, cruelty free and cheap – I feel for you! Although makeup brands have started to realize the importance of not testing on animals, skincare brands really haven’t, and those that have are often far too expensive to have in your regular routine. These are the brands that I really trust and hopefully you can try out some of their products and enjoy them too.

Yes to

I’ve only tried a few of Yes To’s products but so far I’ve loved every one of them. Each product range is focused on one ingredient that benefits a certain skin type. For example the coconut range is for dry skin due to the fatty acids aiding in hydration. All products are free from parabens, SLS & silicones and are all cruelty free. My favorite product is the Coconut Ultra Hydrating Micellar Water – a moisturizing micellar water that’s amazing for removing makeup when I’m in a lazy mood.



I should start off with saying I am completely biased. I worked as a Christmas temp at Lush and completely fell in love with not only the products but the company as well. All of their products are homemade in Poole (if your in the UK) and are cruelty free & vegetarian. You can either browse the website or even better visit a store and get a proper consultation where they will match you to products perfect for your skin. If you ask, you can test any products in store or take a sample to try. I’m only plant based but if you’re vegan then just check on the label for the vegan symbol as it’s clearly labeled either vegan or vegetarian. My favorite product is Ultrablend – an all in one cleanser which works to control oil production and dryness at the same time.


Liz Earle

Only a few months ago I came across Liz Earle and I’m kind of hooked. They are an all natural company who strive to be as enviromently friendly as possible. Unlike most companies who over complicate their products, I’ve found that Liz Earle keep to the more traditional 3 step Cleanse Tone Moisturize routine. They don’t use any animal products except from honey and beeswax but most don’t use them anyway. My favorite product is the Instant Boost Skin Tonic – a non drying toner that brightens the complexion rather than dulling it like more toners.



Embrolisse is a pharmaceutical skin care brand that originated in Paris. Unlike most french skincare brands, they thankfully don’t test on animals and take a more natural approach to skincare. Their ingredients are mostly derived from plants and flowers combined with more dermatological ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and collagen. My favorite products is hands down the Lait-Crème Concentré – a rich moisturizer that can be used as a face mask and makeup remover as well as a daily face cream.


Burts Bees

I always stayed away from Burts Bees assuming they only sold products containing honey – a bit naive I know ! They are a natural skincare brands using nutrient dense ingredients such as coconut oil and vitamin D. They don’t contain any synthetic ingredients so no need to worry about gross chemicals clogging up your pores. The company is also a very sustainable company who focuses on enriching it’s employees with events such as Culture Days where they give time off to them to do good in the world. My favorite product is their tinted lip balm in Pomegranate  – a super hydrating lip balm with a slight tint which makes it perfect for day time.


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