How to make your morning stress free

Mornings We spend so much time stressing about small things throughout our day, so having a relaxed morning to set us up for the day is important. Rather than having an unorganized start to the day, running about the house trying to get ready quickly, maybe try a few of these simply ways to simplify your morning.

Don’t hit snooze

Let’s be honest, most people hit the snooze button at least twice before getting up and once they eventually do get up, they have the half the time they need to get ready and end up rushing.  Instead plan out all the tasks you want to achieve before leaving the house (getting dressed, working out, walking the dog etc) then add 10 minutes on to give yourself the time to wake up fully. I turn the snooze option off and even go as far as putting my phone across the room so I have to physically get up and turn it off.

Let natural light in

Usually we tend to close the curtains at night and wake up to a dark room forcing our eyes to strain as soon as the curtains open or the light goes on. It’s usually dark outside when we go to sleep so you may as well leave them open, and then allow your body to naturally wake up as the light comes through your window. If you live in a place where its still light outside when you’re going to sleep or you work nights, then think about investing in a Lumie lamp – an alarm that simulates a sunrise and wakes you up slowly.


Over the course of a night, our body dehydrates and it’s important to replace that water. Drinking a glass of cold water starts up your metabolism and helps the digestive system work properly. I like to squeeze a lemon into a large glass of water, as it not only hydrates my body but also helps detox it.


Usually in the morning we’re all a bit sluggish so adding exercise into your routine is a great way to get your blood flowing and endorphins produced so you feel positive. I try to go to the gym and do a full cardio/weigh lifting workout before breakfast, but obviously that doesn’t suit everyone. Even doing a 15 minutes yoga session has the desired benefits and sets your day up right.

Eat a healthy breakfast

Another great way to get your metabolism going is to eat a healthy breakfast. Skipping breakfast although in theory cuts calories, actually leads you to binge later on and not have as much energy to workout. Eating whole plant foods is always the best way to base any meal but breakfast is crucial. Try a big bowl of overnight oats topped with fruit or if you have enough time a plate of oat pancakes.


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