Vegan bags for this summer

I’ve been plant based (eating vegan) for nearly 12 weeks and before that ate vegetarian. I guess I used to store the guilt for eating animals and wearing animals in two very separate parts of my brain, as I’ve been buying leather for my whole life. Don’t get me wrong, I was definitely aware of the truth but like most people I ignored it and carried on buying my designer goods. So lately I’ve been trying to buy more vegan products but when it comes to bags I have been struggling a bit. Finding the balance between a nice design and nice quality is difficult. I would happily spend upwards of hundreds of pounds on a good bag but so far I haven’t found designer grade vegan bags, so hopefully these bags can give you an idea of what to buy.

Armani Jeans – Messanger bag £155

Armani have four different collections but Armani Jeans is your best bet for finding a nice vegan bag. This messenger bag is made of a very realistic faux leather made from PVC. Unlike other faux leathers, this bag has a very smooth finish and would definitely pass as a luxury leather bag. The navy color is perfect for summer, maybe paired with some relaxed Levis and a simple white tank top.45339730jh_16_n_f45339730jh_16_n_r

Topshop – Mini ring backpack £22

I have always have this promise with myself that I would never carry a backpack, but after going to Amsterdam and seeing how chic they can look. This red backpack from Topshop is the perfect example of how classy it can look. It has a slight Parisian vibe due to its color and minimalist look. I’d style this with an all black outfit ready explore new towns on holiday.


Free people – Marrakech straw basket bag £58

Straw bags have been super popular this spring/summer and fortunately for us, most of them are vegan. What I like about this bag is how oversized and ostentatious it looks whilst still being very functional and classic. Free people do quite a few vegan bags but sometimes I get bored of faux leather and prefer a more natural looking bag. The color is very soft and would nice with a pair of high waisted shorts and neutral shirt.


Glamorous – Pocket tote bag £28 

The last bag has to be the bag I am most likely (and am going) to buy. There’s something about a tan leather tote with sleek lines that keeps any outfit looking sophisticated. The faux leather is very smooth and non grainy which is perfect for aging over time and looking more used. I’ll be styling this with black maxi dresses in Italy with matching tan faux leather sandals.


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