Beauty brands you didn’t realize were cruelty free

I think a lot of people assume when you start buying cruelty free products, you immediately start buying all natural products made from plants. Although buying all natural makeup is preferable for your skin and the environment, you can find more mainstream products that don’t test on animals. You might even be surprised how much of your bag is already cruelty free and hopefully you don’t need to replace too much !


If you’ve read any of my posts before you will already know how much I love Nars. They manage to combine minimalist, sophisticated packaging with amazing quality products. They offer a wide range of skin shades and accommodate for different tones which is fairly rare. My all time favorite foundation is their Sheer Glow Foundation in Gobi, a medium coverage luminous foundation that brightens any dull skin tone. If you’re like me a very pale but warm toned, this is the shade for you.



Smashbox offer a great range of products including cruelty free makeup brushes. If you are in front of the camera a lot then check out their photo finish line which is designed to blur imperfections and create a flawless finish even under flash. I recently picked up their Photo Finish Foundation Primer, a lightweight smoothing primer that helps fill in fine lines and give the illusions of clearer skin.


Too faced 

I think too faced are one of those brands that most people have in their makeup bags without even realizing it was cruelty free. I you haven’t obsessed over CHOCOLATE smelling eyeshadow then where have you been ? I have had quite a few of their products over the past few years but am absolutely dying to try out their Natural Eye Neutral Eyeshadow palette, a super low key palette perfect for a natural glowing look.


Bare minerals

When I was in year 7 Bare Minerals was all the rage but I think they were slowly forgotten about, however lately I’ve rediscovered how amazing their products were. They are perfect for someone looking for a more natural finish, not wanting to use any harsh chemicals on their face. On and off for many years I’ve used their Original Powder Foundation and it never fails to give a quick flawless finish to skin without being caked. But a few months ago I bought their Prep Step Mineral Shield, and have used it daily for it’s 50 SPF – something you defiantly need if your want to keep your skin looking youthful.



I admit I haven’t much experience in Tarte makeup however most of my friends are pretty obsessed. Not only do the not test on animals, they also have a wide range of completely vegan products. They offer makeup, skincare and brushes so if you are trying to veganise your makeup bag, I’d give Tarte a go.


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