Simple tips to lose weight

Trying to lose weight can be one of the most difficult, disheartening and frustrating things to do. It’s not like you can go to a shop and pay for it, just follow a set of instructions that suits everyone. It takes hard work. I used to be completely obsessed with weight loss, trying all sorts of crazy diets and exercise regimes, and yes I did lose weight – but I was miserable. Like most people who follow crash diets, I gained most of the weight back and had to step back and take a new approach to things. Now I’m losing weight slowly and steadily with these simple tips.

Increase your water intake

I’m sure you’ve read ‘fill up on water’ a million times in weight loss magazines, telling you to drink more water so you have no space for food. Yes, water does fill you up, but it has so many more benefits which result in weight loss. When you are more hydrated, you have more energy allowing you to have the motivation get your yoga pants on and hit the gym. Other amazing benefits include clear skin, less bloating, and better mental health.


Eat whole foods

If you so much as switch on the TV, you’ll be bombarded with advertising for diet foods or so call ‘healthy’ ready meals. All these foods offer you are empty calories, holding no nutritional value. Instead choose whole plant based foods like whole grains, vegetables, fruit and nuts. These foods will keep you fuller for longer and will give you valuable nutrition to nourish your body properly.


Walk more

Walking is the easiest and most functional form of exercise one can do. No matter what age or level of fitness you are, walking can help you with your weight loss journey. Whether it’s taking your dog for a longer walk or walking part of your commute to work, it’s easy to fit in to your life. If you find it a little boring, try listening to music or a podcast.


Drink less alcohol

It’s easy to drink half a bottle of wine without even thinking, and even easier to forget about how many calories it contained (400 if you’re wondering). Cutting down on alcohol can drastically cut your calorie intake but also has benefits to your health. As well as the calories you consume through alcohol, you also cut down the calories you eat whilst inevitably hungover … and cut down the throwing up in the morning !


Stop being so obsessed

This last point is for all of you who spend hours a day thinking about calories, weight and measurements. Sometimes we get so obsessed with what we can eat, that we end up eating more because we crave it more. Through unreasonable restriction comes the dreaded binging which leaves us feeling ashamed. None of these emotions actually help us lose weight, they just cause us to eat our feelings. So stop worrying so much and just try your best to nourish your body.

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